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“NEW330” Promotion Code Promotion (the “Promotion”) Terms and Conditions

1. These terms (“Terms”) apply to all the Promotion (“Promotion”) offered by Take2 Health Limited (“we”, “us”, “our”). By participating in the any of our Promotion, you agree to these terms.

2. Promotion Code(s) could be any combination of letters, numbers and/or characters that we assign to any marketing activities. Each promotion code could represent a specific discount offer that is valid within a specific promotion period with a specific frequency of redemption.

3. You must read these terms along with the Privacy Policy, Terms of Use, Personal Information Collection Statement on our Website (“Website”: take2health.net), Take2 Health Platform Privacy Policy, Take2 Health Platform Terms and Conditions, Take2 Health Platform Personal Information Collection Statement, and any other terms we may provide to you (“Other Terms”). These terms apply in addition to any such Other Terms.

4. Promotion Codes are only applicable for purchasing any of our designated products or services in the Promotion on Take2 Health Platform (https://take2health.net/health-platform/ ) . New users using the promotion code “NEW330” in their first purchase will entitle a HKD330 off on the said purchase.

5. The Promotion is subject to a quota and is available on a first-come-first-served basis while the quota lasts.

6. To participate in the Promotion, you must:

a. purchase and complete the payment procedure successfully (“Successful Purchase”) on the Take2 Health Platform. (Refer to Clause 8 for the definition of the successful payment procedure.)

b. enter the designated Promotion Code in the field of “Add promotion code” during the checkout procedure of making a purchase. Promotion Codes could not be submitted after successful payment if you have not yet done so.

7. The purchasing date and time (all records shall reference GMT+08:00, Hong Kong Standard Time) are based on the time of receipt by our server. We will not be liable for any matter or loss in relation to submission delay, loss, and any information transmission error due to technical problems including but not limited to any computer or internet network issues.

8. A “Successful Purchase” is ultimately determined by our absolute discretion based on financial institutions’ transaction records held by us (which are final and conclusive in case of any discrepancy).

9. Only one Promotion Code can be used in a single purchase.

10. In the event of any cancellation of Successful Purchase or refunds, any redeemed Promotion Code might not be reused or returned, its applicability depends on the nature of the Promotion Code.

11. The Promotion Code is neither refundable nor exchangeable for cash or any other form of compensation. Any remaining unused amount will be forfeited.

12. For the avoidance of doubt, this Promotion is applicable to the designated products or services specified by us and is not applicable to services and products made available and sold by third-party medical service and/or testing service providers.

13. We reserve the rights at any time, without notice or reason and in our sole discretion, to:

a. change, modify, suspend, or terminate the Promotion or these terms (including any offer and discount);

b. make any decision in connection with the Promotion (including to refuse or suspend your participation in the Promotion or determine whether the Promotion can or cannot be combined with any other offer or promotion); and

c. determine that the Promotion Code has been used for an improper purpose and cancel your use of any such Promotion Code.

Any such rights exercised by us shall be conclusive and binding on you.

14. If any dispute arises in connection with the Promotion, our decision shall be final.

15. These terms are governed in all respects by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. The parties submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

16. The English version of the Terms shall prevail in the event of a conflict with other language versions.

Last revision date: 28 February 2022

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