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Cancer Screening Package

Covers our top-selling Take2 Prophecy™ Test for Nasopharyngeal Cancer (NPC); and tests for the cancer markers of common cancers in Hong Kong (e.g. colorectal, pancreatic, liver, prostate, breast and ovarian cancer). This non-invasive Cancer Screening Package is suitable for all ages, including individuals who intend to do routine check-ups, who are asymptomatic, and those with relevant family history.

Conduct a comprehensive cancer screening
help you to detect the risks of cancer early

Cancer is the leading cause of death globally1 and the top killer in Hong Kong for decades, with a rising trend in its incidence2
Not all cancers can be prevented

The best way to tackle it is to perform regular cancer screening in order to detect any changes in the body

This comprehensive Cancer Screening Package offered by Take2 Health
covers the detection of multiple cancer markers for the common cancers in Hong Kong, including:

NPC-associated EBV DNA (Take2 Prophecy™ Test for NPC)
AFP (Liver cancer marker)
CA19.9 (Pancreatic cancer marker)
CA125 (Ovarian cancer marker)
-for women only
CA15.3 (Breast cancer marker)
-for women only
PSA, TOTAL (Prostate cancer marker)
-for men only
cancer screen
Disclaimer: Test items other than the Take2 Prophecy™ Test for NPC are performed by Take2 Health's partnering laboratory and medical organisations.

Detecting cancers early might bring better treatment outcomes

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Test Procedures
step 01
Doctor’s assessment
step 02
Collection of blood samples
step 03
Test performed at local laboratories
step 04
Test results ready in 3 - 7 working days#
step 05
Test results’ interpretation by the doctor
Important Note
Patients who have had organ transplant, currently have cancer or autoimmune diseases, or those currently receiving systemic glucocorticoid or immunosuppressive treatment are not recommended for early NPC detection using our test. If in doubt, please consult healthcare professionals for more information. If in doubt, please consult healthcare professionals for more information.
#From the day of receipt of samples, under normal circumstances, the analysis can be completed in about 3-7 working days
cancer screen
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Hong Kong Cancer Strategy 2019. Department of Health, Food and Health Bureau, & Hospital Authority, July 2019.

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