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Our Mission

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Our Principles and Mission
At the frontier of biotechnology, we are dedicated to broadening the horizon of health with ground-breaking innovation.
In the era of disruptive technologies and rapidly evolving science, innovation and actionable insights are the keys to sustainable improvement in human health condition. At Take2 Health, with a nexus of pioneering minds and technology vanguards, we are eager to provide practical information and harness the power of state-of-the-art technologies to mark the advent of a new generation of healthcare across Asia. We firmly believe that knowledge and experience are essential to lead to the well-being of individuals, allowing people to live their lives to the fullest.
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Our Mission
Be the apex for cancer detection that moves people forward with awareness and confidence, through realising the advantages of early cancer detection.
Regardless of our age, sex or background, we can never be fully prepared for cancer, which often comes as a bolt out of the blue. The power of knowledge is the foundation of our actions, especially when tackling the uncertainties of cancer. Only if we detect cancer earlier will the uphill battle be overcome much easier. With our cutting-edge technologies and knowledgeable professionals, we are dedicated to promoting early cancer detection with actionable insights that could empower people with advantages to surmount the odds of cancer. Early cancer detection allows early interventions and treatments. As such, chances of successful treatment and survival rate could be greatly increased. We are dedicated to helping people realise the importance of taking back the control of their health and live life to its fullest.

Founding Team

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Our background and founders
Established by three internationally recognised and respected pathology professors from the renowned Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2019, Take2 Health is an exemplary case of successful commercialisation of leading academic invention.Leveraging the founders’ proven 20-plus-year track records in Genomics and Diagnostics research, we, an enterprise built from Hong Kong, are providing the Take2 Prophecy™ Test for Nasopharyngeal Cancer as the pioneering product. With the aspiration to expand this service to a much wider community, we aim to radiate positive impacts to people’s lives across Asia.

Please click the link below for an article about Take2 Health, our three founders and our first product:

Our team
Building a team of brilliant talents from across the globe who stand behind the same vision, we grow stronger day by day to deliver what we envision, “We are proud to deliver positive impact and benefit the community at large by leveraging research achievements from leading scholars worldwide. Made up of young and enthusiastic visionaries, we are meticulous and innovative frontiersmen that believe in pushing boundaries and making things happen. In caring for human health, we will continue to be dedicated and looking for progressive health solutions that change lives.”

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