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Why Early NPC Detection is Vital

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NPC can Strike Anyone at Any Age!
Recent Hong Kong Cancer Registry figures show that NPC:
is the No.1 cancer amongst men aged 20 to 44¹
is one of the cancers that is more likely to occur between 50 to 60 years old in women, apart from breast cancer and uterine cancer²
occurs at a relatively younger age, unlike colon, liver or prostate cancers³, where most patients are aged 65 to 80; over 80% of NPC patients are 50 to 65 years old, for whom are entering their “golden age” and planning for retirement.
Cancer might seem frightening to many people but let us not worry. Taking early cancer detection tests regularly is an excellent first step for us to stay vigilant about potential diseases. Early diagnosis and treatment may bring better survival. After all, we can still live a quality life after the battle.
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What is an Early Detection Test for NPC?

An early cancer detection test is a medical assessment that helps to identify the risks of cancer in apparently healthy people. A person with cancer may, or may not, be experiencing significant symptoms; moreover, the presence of symptoms alone is not a reliable indicator to confirm having cancer. Under this situation, an early cancer detection test can tell the likeliness of having such disease at the test moment or in the future. With the information provided by an early cancer detection test, a patient can realise the disease earlier and receive timely treatment. The patient might possibly suffer fewer complications and experience better survival. An early cancer detection test with high sensitivity and specificity can further reduce the possibilities of misdiagnosis and lift the anxiety brought by inaccurate testing results.

The Take2 Prophecy™ Test for NPC is an early cancer detection test which is suitable for anyone, no matter one is asymptomatic or with non-specific symptoms. Our test is blood-based and non-invasive with the use of ground-breaking Next-generation Sequencing technology to analyse human and NPC-associated genomic signatures of EBV DNA in the blood plasma. By testing early, NPC patients can be identified at the early stage then start to receive treatment much earlier which can minimise possible side-effects and significantly increase their chance of survival.
Why is Early Detection for NPC so Important?
NPC is not easy to notice.
The anatomical location of nasopharynx is rather ‘concealed’ and difficult to examine. Some NPC symptoms may resemble flu or inflammation conditions, patients may overlook these warning signs.
There is no vaccination to prevent NPC yet.
There is no "magic cure” for NPC.
Radiotherapy and chemotherapy remain the major treatment choices according to the staging of NPC.
Through promoting early cancer detection, we are dedicated to helping the public to understand cancer and the available detection solutions, hence establishing higher awareness and better management of personal health in the community. By adopting the cutting-edge medical innovations, it is now able to envision a brighter future with advanced healthcare management.

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